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RLV has been a key vehicle for information, dialogue, and analysis within the Lake Victoria basin. RLV provides direct and very significant improvements to the lives of its listeners, by dispensing credible and updated information on a large range of community-relevant issues such as health and HIV/AIDS, Education, Environment, Agriculture, Civic rights, Business matters, News and Weather. RLV's key constituency is the fisher folks, the lake basin farmers and natural resource users i.e. people who derive their livelihoods from Lake Victoria basin and its resources. In line with its motto of educating, informing and entertaining listeners, RLV kept listeners glued to their radios throughout the years.

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In the larger East African region, RLV is the only radio founded on the basis of environmental conservation. The others are mostly either founded on a political or religious basis. The conservation agenda has been successfully promoted by RLV which has been working in collaborations with other Radios in Uganda and Tanzania. It reaches out to about 3 Million people.
Since its inception, RLV has undergone necessary stages of development. This trend has been necessitated by the service providers and consumer responses. RLV has endeavored to ensure that its programs are within the confines of the mission and vision of OSIENALA(Friends of Lake Victoria). RLV has been in the forefront in airing programs with a bias in environmental conservation and management.

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